Windows Blinds / Curtains

The question that frequently popped into any homeowner mind with a tight budget, "Which part of the furnishing is the most important? Which of it has the most impact on the overall feel and design of your home?"

The budget allocated to window furnishing is usually the last or least but you are wrong. Window furnishing is one of the most important aspect of a room. It is the unsung hero at the background that changes everything but you do not really realize it.

The reason is obvious, standing up right in front of you the moment you step into the house, measuring anywhere from 2m in height to 5m in width, its vast size is easily the main furnishing obvious and visible to anyone. The color and design can drastically change the whole outlook and theme of your home. A simple mistake like choosing the wrong fabric type or color can change the whole outcome of your desired effect, be it good or bad.

At KEJICO, we provide the one of the widest range of fabric and quality you may find in singapore. Let us know if you have any design in mind and we will narrow down and show you a range of design that suits your idea.

Invisible Grille

Invisible Grille used to be an alternative to traditional aluminum window grilles. It is no longer true. We have fight throughout the years for approval among the authorities and finally it is approved throughout all management offices, HDB and URA. The concern of safety features have also been proven through years of innovation.

Why invisible grille?

First, it offers almost unblocked view from your window to the scenic landscape outside. Which is something traditional aluminum grilles fail to offer with the bulky frames and jail look. It is even more applicable for high floor units, why waste and obstruct your vision to the beautiful view outside? It is also used as a award winning design with the effect for plants and condition lighting.

Secondly, all our components are of the highest quality that are highly resistance to any form of corrosion. From the wire to the wire coating and even to the unseen wall anchors and plugs, it is built to last and withstand weather elements.

Thirdly, it provide safety not only to prevent accident. It also deter breaking in with our built in alarm system. It can also be link to your existing alarm system of your choice.

Last but not least, it doesn’t require high maintenance. It can be easily clean due to its highly resistant to dust. Dust trapping is kept to the minimal.

Interior Design and Project Planning

We believe in the cost efficient way of doing things and yet not comprising on quality.

We always believe in providing our clients with solutions instead of paying more to solve a problem.

From minimalist concept design to grand royal concept design, Residential to Commercial, we provide innovations and design that make our project fully unique. Dream with us.

Metal Works

We provide customize metal works for heavy commercial use to the smallest residential needs.

There is never a job too small or too huge for us. We will also provide drawings of your customization before fabrication.

Just call us today for a non-obligatory quotation!


Choose from a wide selection range of quality and material. From our house brand laminate to different kinds of wood. Once your ideal selection is complete, we will produce a 3D drawing for you. Visit our workshop today to view the our workmanship